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Music Resources

Welcome to the music resources page for Christ Church East. Since styles of worship and music vary widely between churches, this page is intended to reflect some of the songs and albums that influence our musical style.

If you would like to get involved with the music ministry at Christ Church East, or for any music questions, please contact Parker Roberts, (904) 923-0101.


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Indelible Grace
Wake Thy Slumbering Children

Wake Thy Slumbering Children: Indelible Grace V - Indelible Grace Music

1. Cling To The Crucified
2. O Help My Unbelief
3. In The Hours
4. Abide With Me
5. Arise O God And Shine
6. Beneath The Cross Of Jesus
7. Give Reviving
8. Hear Our Prayer (The Litany Song)
9. O Heart Bereaved And Lonely
10. All Must Be Well
11. Come Then, Lord Jesus
12. Go To Dark Gethsemane
13. Face To Face
14. Come, Said Jesus' Sacred Voice



Indelible Grace
By Thy Mercy-Acoustic

By Thy Mercy: Indelible Grace Acoustic - Indelible Grace Music

1. By Thy Mercy (feat. Matthew Smith)
2. Jesus Lord We Look to Thee (feat. Jason Feller)
3. A Prayer for the Broken Hearted (feat. Chelsey Scott)
4. Rock of Ages When the Day Seems Long (feat. Mp Jones)
5. Greater Than Our Hearts (feat. Matthew Smith)
6. Salvation to the Lamb (feat. Emily Deloach)
7. Hallelujah Praise Jehovah (feat. Jeremy Casella)
8. Great God from Thee (feat. Andrew Osenga)
9. My God My Father Blissful Name (feat. Justin Smith)
10. Lo the Storms of Life are Breaking (feat. Sandra McCracken)



Phil Wickham

Response - Phil Wickham

1. Heaven Fall Down
2.. Joy
3. One God
4. At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)
5. This Is the Day
6. All I Want Is You
7. God of Our Salvation
8. Sun & Moon
9. This Love Will Last Forever
10. All I Am
11. The Victory



Derek Webb
She Must and Shall Go Free

She Must and Shall Go Free - Derek Webb

1. Nobody Loves Me
2. She Must and Shall Go Free
3. Take to the World
4. Nothing (Without You)
5. Lover
6. Wedding Dress
7. Awake My Soul
8. Saint and Sinner
9. Beloved
10. Gospel / Crooked Deep Down
11. The Church / Studio Chatter With Band



Shane & Shane

Upstairs - Shane & Shane

1. Psalm 13
2. Holy
3. I Miss You
4. May the Few
5. Beauty for Ashes
6. Still At Shore
7. The Answer
8. I Want It All
9. Yearn
10. Chapter One



Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things - Gungor

1. Dry Bones
2. Beautiful Things
3. Brighter Day
4. Heaven (feat. Israel Houghton)
5. You Have Me
6. Cannot Keep You
7. The Earth Is Yours
8. Call Me Out
9. Please Be My Strength
10. Higher
11. Late Have I Loved You
12. People of God
13. We Will Run



Jon Foreman
Limbs and Branches

Limbs and Branches - Jon Foreman

1. Your Love Is Strong
2. Behind Your Eyes
3. The Cure for Pain
4. Resurrect Me
5. Southbound Train
6. Broken from the Start
7. House of God, Forever
8. Instead of a Show
9. A Mirror Is Harder to Hold
10. In My Arms
11. Learning How to Die
12. Over the River



Rend Collective Experiment

Campfire - Rend Collective Experiment

1. Kumbaya
2. Come On My Soul
3. Desert Soul
4. Build Your Kingdom Here
5. Movements
6. You Are My Vision
7. You Bled
8. The Cost
9. Alabaster
10. Second Chance
11. 10,000 Reasons
12. Praise Like Fireworks



Sandra McCracken
The Builder and the Architect

The Builder and the Architect - Sandra McCracken

1. Thy Mercy, My God
2. Grace Upon Grace
3. The Love of Christ Is Rich and Free
4. In the Secret of His Presence
5. I Boast No More (with Buddy Miller)
6. Jesus the Lord My Savior Is
7. Abiding City
8. Sovereign Grace O'er Sin Abounding
9. Awake My Soul
10. Rock of Ages (When the Day Seems Long)