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Intro to Foundations Videos

Last year we launched a Foundations course that took you through the foundational truths of the Christian faith. All of these videos are now archived on our website and can be accessed through the menu options on the left.

Introduction to Foundations, Part 2

Introduction to Christ, Community, Calling, Context

A disciple is one who is increasingly able to rest and rejoice in Christ, relate in community, and reveal God’s kingdom through their calling in a cultural, social, and geographic context.



Disciples rest securely in the status God gives them in Christ and what he has done for them, not a status they gain through their performance. A disciple rejoices in the soul-satisfying love of Christ.


God made us not only for himself, but also for each other. Discipleship is a communal project. Isolation and individualism will stunt your growth as a Christian.


Each one of us has a unique calling or vocation, which is given to us by God that we might reveal to the world that Jesus is Lord.


God plants each disciple in a certain cultural, social, and geographic context. A disciple knows and understands this context in order to incarnate the gospel more effectively.