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The Fellowship Program

We invite you to join us at Christ Church East in Jacksonville, Florida this Fall for our Fellowship Program — a program committed to equipping believers for gospel leadership in the world. The Fellowship Program is a nine-month program for adult men and women from diverse backgrounds and vocations. In order to equip emerging leaders to bring about social, cultural, and spiritual renewal, we focus on three areas:

Gospel-Centered Theological Training

The core of our program will be the conviction that the gospel impacts every area of life. Drawing from the richness of Reformed Tradition, our participants will develop a worldview that is sufficiently robust to engage the diverse and complex culture of Jacksonville.

Leadership Development

Participants will have the opportunity to clarify their callings by group discussion around assigned reading, interacting with a community of peers from diverse backgrounds and vocations who are committed to each others' spiritual growth and calling.

Spiritual Formation

The Fellowship Program will foster personal and spiritual development through daily devotions, intense study, and relationships with pastoral leaders and mentors from the congregation.

Program Details and Commitment

The Fellowship Program is a nine-month course running from September 6, 2018 to May 16, 2019. During these nine months, participants will meet from 6:30 – 8:00 a.m. each Thursday morning to discuss weekly readings on various topics of discipleship. Participants will also engage in daily devotional scripture readings from the church’s Community Bible Reading plan. Additionally, participants will complete two assignments: a personal testimony in the Fall and a Cultural Renewal Project in the Spring. These assignments will be presented by participants to the group, and they will be challenged to think deeply in two areas: their own spiritual story in light of God’s covenantal story of redemption, and how they can participate in gospel renewal in the world.

The participant fee is $100, which covers the cost of books and materials.

Applications will be accepted through August 16, 2018. Participants who best demonstrate the following qualities will be selected: 1) desire to grow spiritually; 2) ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the program; and 3) leadership potential.

Benefits to the Participant

  • Establish solid theological foundations from teachings, readings, and group discussions
  • Cultivate spiritual disciplines and Biblical reflection through guided daily devotionals
  • Reflect and converse about real-life experiences of living and working
  • Increase the depth and sustainability of your Gospel worldview
  • Develop a defined sense of mission for your career
  • Developing a strategy for cultural renewal
  • Learn in a community-based environment

The CCE Fellowship Program will utilize diverse pedagogical methods to create a learning community of committed leaders with a passion for cultural renewal, featuring:

  • An integrated curriculum focused on theology, worldview, and faith & work
  • Group discussions and collaborative learning
  • Guided devotional and spiritual formation
  • Relationships with seasoned Christians active in the various spheres of the marketplace

CCE Fellowship Program 2018-19 Application

Whether you would like to gain clarity on your calling, or to go deeper in God's word together with other believers, we invite you to consider applying.

*We are no longer accepting applications for the 2018-19 year.

If you have any further questions, please contact Pastor Keith Dickerson.