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The Christ Church East Children's Ministry seeks to help every generation shepherd every child toward a growing faith in Jesus Christ by equipping each child and family to express their faith and see each day as a gift of grace lived out for His purpose and truth.


Sunday Mornings


Infant & Toddler Care

Our purpose is to provide a safe, nurturing and friendly environment where children are introduced to the person of Jesus and their parent(s) are able to further develop their personal relationship with Christ by participating in church worship. On Sunday mornings we offer four rooms broken down by age group below. A greeter will welcome you and assist you in checking in your child for the morning.

Infants (0-1): In the infant nursery your child will be left with members who have been trained and encouraged to spend time in prayer for you and your child. Our hope is that through prayer, the relationships in our covenant family will strengthen, as we trust God with the lives of his children. Transition to the next age group: When child turns 1. If not walking by 1, transition will happen when child walks.

Toddler 1’s: While the majority of the time spent in this nursery consists of free play the younger toddlers are also learning four simple biblical statements. Each month they focus on a new truth through the repetition of lessons and songs. Transition: When child turns 2.

Toddler 2’s: While the majority of the time spent in this nursery consists of free play the younger toddlers are also learning thirteen simple biblical statements. Each month they focus on a new truth through the repetition of lessons and songs. Transition: When child turns 3.

Toddler 3's and 4's: Through free play, songs, and mini lessons children continue to learn biblical truths in the older toddler nursery. In addition to the lessons they received in the younger nurseries they will be introduced to nine new truths telling of His praiseworthy deeds.
Transition: Children who turn 4 prior to September 1st will need to remain in the Toddler Nursery until the fall semester. We will have a special celebration for those 4 year olds who are “graduating” into Children’s Worship.

Volunteer Schedule/Policies and Procedures

+ Click here to download our current nursery schedule. Please remember to arrive at 10:00 to help prepare the rooms.

+ Click here to download our policies and procedures (updated August, 2017)



Due to our limited space, if you would like to donate toys to our nurseries, please give them to Claire Marsh so she can organize and place them in the correct bins. Thank you!


Children's Worship


Pre K - Kindergarten // 1st - 2nd Grade // 3rd - 5th Grade

During tithes and offerings children are dismissed to dig deeper in God’s word with trained teachers and assistants. Through The Gospel Story for Kids Curriculum, your child will learn that Jesus is more than just another Bible Story. As they participate in object lessons, activities, scripture reading, and scripture memory the teachers will help your child discover Christ throughout the Bible. On the first Sunday of the month, your child will receive a new memory verse. On the last Sunday of the month, if they are able to recite the verse to their teacher, they can pick a prize from the treasure box. For a full explanation of the Sword Bible memory program, click here.

For the safety of our children, we check each child in on Sunday mornings. We have greeters available to assist you or visit one of our self check-in tables in the lobby.

Transition: Children will transition into the next class at the end of August. Children will transition into the youth ministry in August when child begins 6th grade.

Backyard Bible Clubs // Summer

There are many ways you can join the mission of Backyard Bible Clubs this summer. We need everything from hosts, assistants, youth, and babysitters to people helping prepare crafts and supplies for each club. For more information on how you can be a part of Backyard Bible Clubs please contact Claire Marsh.


Children's Ministry Contact

If you have any further questions about the Children's Ministry, please contact Claire Marsh.

Our Values as a Children’s Ministry:

1. Gospel-Centered

The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that real, lasting change in a child’s life happens from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. For that reason, our goal is to shepherd the hearts of our children, not merely to manage their behavior. Only Jesus Christ can satisfy the deepest longings of a child’s heart.

2. Family-Nurtured

Scripture teaches that parents are the primary teachers and disciplers in a child’s life (Deut. 6:4-9). Therefore, Christ Church East seeks to partner with parents in the spiritual development and training of their kids in two ways. First, we seek to provide parents with material that will help them disciple their kids. Second, we help parents mature in their faith so that kids grow up seeing parents who model the Gospel.

3. Community-Based

First, we believe it takes a community to raise a child, so we seek to make the growth of our children a responsibility that is shared by all who are in our church. Second, we want to integrate our children into the body to help them prepare to be healthy church members. We believe that children will best learn how to enjoy and participate in worship by joining the adults in corporate worship.

4. Others-Oriented

We believe that the Gospel transforms our children to become other-centered givers, rather than spiritual consumers. Therefore, we seek to help them identify and employ their gifts at a young age so that they can engage their world through word and deed ministry.